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A team with unparalleled experience & depth

Why choose us?

Collaborate with us to enhance decision-making, minimize risks and expedite the commercialization process, while effortlessly maneuvering through global regulatory intricacies.

Reduce uncertainty & minimize risk

Unlock growth in new markets

Accelerate international expansion

Enhanced market knowledge

Cost effectively add experience & subject matter expertise

Plan & budget more accurately

Minimize the cost of acquiring experience

Navigate local politics & cultural sensitivities

Our Experience
Woman in Suit

Our work is about 
something bigger

Empowering the future of space exploration and innovation, our mission is to provide cutting-edge consultancy services, bridging visionary ideas with practical solutions to propel space technology forward and expand the boundaries of the cosmos.

Our Core Values

We live and work by our values. They inspire us, guide us and define the way we do business.


We stand for excruciating
honesty and fierce adherence to principles


It is our job to remain at the forefront of knowledge in our area of specialization


No individual is more important than the team or the mission


We are grateful for the opportunity to do the work we love.

Meet the Team

Meet the people of Advanced Technologies. We are proud and honored by the opportunity to serve our esteemed clients.


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